Monday, January 1, 2001

Alternative Tourism in Israel

Alternative Tourism in Israel is a growth industry. Due to the longstanding Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza there are numerous organizations offering political tours of Israel and the Occupied Territories. Tours often include meetings with Palestinian villagers, visiting settlements and the Separation Barrier, and providing an understanding of the political geography of the country.

Most of these groups are non-profit organizations and there is currently only one private social enterprise conducting Alternative Tours in Israel, Palestine and the West Bank, ToursInEnglish.

One of the principal non-profit organizations providing Alternative Tours is the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions.

Tours of Palestine and Israel that provide an overview of the political geography of the region. Settlements, Separation Barrier. Meet villagers & settlers. Briefings.

Alternative Tourism in Israel also encompasses Eco-tourism and Adventure Tourism. Due to the variety of micro-climates in the country there is ample scope for rafting, rock climbing, hiking and other more extreme pursuits. In addition there is a rising environmental consciousness in Israel with a number of eco-lodges and eco-tours offered by several operators.

Exploring the Bedouin culture in the Negev desert offers an opportunity to combine eco and political tourism. The Bedouin have been under siege by the Israeli government with over 165,000 people living in ove 40 'unrecognized' villages with receive few services from the government. There are also volunteer opportunities with several non-profit and self-help organizations seeking to better the lives of the tribespeaple and advocate for their civil rights.

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