Monday, September 8, 2008

About Alternative Tourism

Our mission is to provide detailed information about the world of alternative tourism, one of the fastest growing traveler options. There are even university degrees in alternative tourism such as the program at Universidad Autónoma De Baja Californian Sur in Mexico. There are a number of categories of alternative tours. Most genuine alternative tours embody more than one category.
  •  adventure tourism
    • For those that want a challenging trip there is a wide variety of tours around the world covering all active sports and outdoor activities.
  • cultural tourism
    • Tours that are hosted by a local community with the intention of giving the visitor an in-depth experience with local people. Such tours usually primarily benefit the local population while minimizing the impact that visitors inevitable make.
  • ecological tourism
    • These types of tours can be educational and designed to inform visitors about a local or regional environment through hiking, camping, safari, or other means. Environmentally friendly resorts can be embedded within a natural environment in such a way that the visitors can enjoy the surroundings without damaging the fragile ecosystem.
  • political tourism
    • These tours often are located in areas of conflict or social strife and aim to educate visitors about the issues. 
  • justice tourism
    • Tours that advocate for a  cause in situations where a local population is experiencing repression or has experienced a communal trauma at the hands of a dominant group.
  •  study tourism
    • These tours usually have a focus on a particular discipline or issue, often aimed at informing about serious political, social, or environmental issues.
  • sustainable tourism
    • A general term to describe the development of a tourism industry in a given area, that impacts positively on the local population. Sustainable tourism usually tries and build economic development while nurturing the local traditional culture.  
  • volunteer tourism
    • A great way to learn about a local people while helping out in a meaningful way while reducing the cost of traveling.
Conventional tourism steers travelers to well worn paths in well known places. Alternative tourism aims to provide a visitor with a unique experience that helps sustain a local culture, enhances ecological stability, and informs about local issues.There's a profound difference. If you have already decided on a country or region then explore this site and determine for yourself the best type of trip to meet your needs.
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