Saturday, January 1, 2000

Alternative Tours in Jerusalem

Alternative Tours in Jerusalem is a growing phenomenon. Nurtured by local tour operator, Green Olive Tours (GO), there has been increasing interest in things other than the Churches and archeological sites. GO offers a variety of tours that highlight Palestinian culture and challenges in Jerusalem, historical sites, and critical tours of the settlements and the Separation Barrier.

Greater Jerusalem - every Monday more information and reservations
3 hours - The tour begins with a half-hour briefing about the issues of land expropriation, division of Palestinian neighborhoods by the 'Separation Barrier', and ongoing home demolitions in the Jerusalem area. These issues are placed within the context of Israel's ongoing defacto annexation of large tracts of land in the West Bank. After the briefing the tour travels to see the facts on the ground: a home demolition site, the Wall in Abu Dis, settlements, Palestinian neighborhoods. Explanatory maps and booklets are available at the tour. more

Jerusalem - Old City walking tour  - Daily 
more information and reservations
3 hours - The tour includes a briefing and will visit some of the divisive icons of the conflict. This includes Jewish settlements in the Muristan (Christian Quarter) and Muslim Quarter, and the Western Wall Plaza. Discussion will include Muslim and Jewish archaeological and development ventures in and around the Old City, and an overview of the settler groups active in the Old City. more

Jerusalem area - Wallaje Walking Tour
- Private Tours Only
more information and reservations
6 hours - We will walk through the valley where the village of Wallaje once stood, enjoy the pools of fresh spring water, explore the ancient tunnels that lead the water to the pools and see out the remains of the mosque, the cemetery and the agricultural terraces - the only survivors of systematic destruction. The story of the village of wallaje is a microcosm of the Palestinian tragedy - from its first destruction in the 1948 war, through its partial annexation in 1967 to its current struggle with the seperation fence which is planned to surround it completely. more

Jerusalem Black Panthers - Last Friday of the month & special dates.
More information and reservations
3 hours - The tour begins with an introduction to the history of the Jewish community in the Arab world, some of whom were settled in the Musrara Neighborhood. The group will then take a walk on the “Seam Line”, which was the Israeli-Jordanian border until 1967, and enter the Musrara neighborhood, birthplace of the Israeli Black Panthers. We will walk around the Musrara neighborhood and learn about it’s rich history, culture and social struggle for civic equality and acceptance by Israeli society. more

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